An Introduction

Wow… when I would entertain the idea of me starting a blog  I would think, “This really should have happened YEARS ago.” Well truth is, it did. Twice. Two times too uninspired to continue, though. But for some reason, this seems like perfect timing…

For me, it seemed as if I always had a hard time finding my place. So essentially, I resorted to the easiest thing to do in the midst of heightening confusion and apathy— just “going with the flow.” I literally just began to adapt to the circumstances and conditions around me, no questions asked. Ever. Now, being the easiest option, this may also seem like the smartest option. I’ve come to learn that this is absolutely FALSE. At least for me, my apathy became crippling. I found myself in a place knowing no purpose and no passion, a place where I remained desperately empty while battling personal demons and challenges. Eventually, I accepted the reality that instead of trying to find my place in the world, I’d have to create it. And this will chronicle the beginning of that.

*Ahem* So let me introduce you to For The Wxnderers…

To me, Wanderers no doubt appreciate travel. But they also don’t view barriers as permanent setbacks or the status quo as something they MUST fulfill. They make their own lanes, and they slay down in them. They are fearless, going in their own flow unapologetically. As a result, they see the world a bit differently than the rest. They are dreamers, free spirits, and conquerors.

As for the Wonderers, they think. They investigate. They challenge. They question. They search for truth. They wrestle with ideas, common and uncommon, and they enjoy getting into things deeper than mere aesthetics. They are leaders, thinkers, innovators, and creators.

I want For The Wxnderers to cater to both of these elements of myself, and more importantly speak to those who can see it in themselves as well.

Now, even after all of that said, I still have to admit that I don’t want to run the risk of defining the elements of this blog TOO much because where’s the fun in that? And plus, that would lowkey be going against the whole “create your own lane” and “go as you go vibe” I’m trying to roll with here… but I guess the point of an intro is give you a sense of what to expect from this blog. And so, I’ve come to realize that I’m intrigued by travel, culture, critical thought, and what it means to navigate life as happily as possible. So here’s the place for all of these things. And with that, I simply say, Welcome to For The Wxnderers!


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