Amidst the Isles: Hydra, Poros, Aegina

Imagine the sky a more faint reflection of the sea and feeling the breezes of an ancient empire warmly massaging your skin– you are probably somewhere within the Greek islands. With over 6,000 isles, Greece leaves you limitless with an opportunity for island explorations. As an expected surreal beauty is common among them, I can personally attest that these three islands depict memorable stories within their essences.

Trying to maximize my funds and time, I choose a twelve hour journey with 1 Day Cruise venturing into the Aegean Sea on behalf of three remarkable islands– Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.  In the limited time that I spent upon them, each of these locations gifted their charms through expressive first impressions.

First Hydra…


The first stop on this tour became my favorite, as one emotion gleamed through the entire island– happy. Hydra was radiantly happy. Purely happy. Authentically happy. This island gave the brightest welcome of cascading houses, adding its own  brilliancy to a feature that is common of Grecian island coasts. Then, as I ambled around, it seemed that the innocence of this island was also purely preserved. No industrial presence. No corporate pollutants. And, absolutely no cars. If you want to get around, you may walk, or hail yourself a donkey taxi to trot to your next desintation. I was also able to explore a bit of this isle’s religious elements and learn of its lively traditions surrounding the Easter holiday– a time of dignified importance to Hydra’s residents. In short, Hydra is a truly magical place that sprinkles you with its unique delight before you can depart.

Then Poros…


Captivating my lively edge, Poros was bustling with adventure. ATVs zoomed passed me as I headed to the busy port that was filled with restaurants and energetic wayfarers. Off to the side, I noticed various opportunities for water sports along the sea’s turquoise waves, which enticed the part of my nature that is just a bit daring. The liveliness of the atmosphere tempted me to get moving somehow. However, rather than take Poros up on its more exciting activities, I chose to simply meander through its fascinating maze of shops. Upon my return to the ship, Poros extended to me a fervent craving for the adventure that can be found on its coasts.

Finally, Aegina…


The final island for the day was undisputedly the cultural boast of the three. Driving past the pistachio groves charmed my views of the island as I journeyed further from the port on the way to the Church of Nektarios. The church that was recently built in the name of the late saint was glowing the sun, while its beautiful gold hues radiated through the interior chestnut details. Upon leaving the church, I headed to the fish market to try a sampler of fresh seafood delights with a side of Ouzo (Greece’s national liquor). As I left this last island, I was even more curious of the secret charms that Greece holds.



These Grecian isles ornament the Aegean Sea with their happiness, adventure, and culture– three inspirations of which I could always appreciate more. Though I spent rather short moments with each of the three, I now consider them something like old acquaintances with which I made lovely memories. All three of these beautiful islands shared their treasures with me, and their shores beckoned a longer stay to engage with their island spirits once more as I sailed back to the more familiar Athenian port.


(Very special thanks to 1 Day Cruise for this amazing opportunity! Stay tuned for an in-depth review of their services!)

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