About For The Wxnderers


Wanderer + Wonderer = Wxnderer

I am Priscilla Akayla, the creator of For The Wxnderers. I am also a student, a traveler, an art appreciator, and, sometimes, a poet. Though my love for writing seems ancient to me, I started For The Wxnderers in August 2016 to serve as a haven for my thoughts and experiences abroad as a black woman, beginning with my time working and studying in South Korea. I am happy to say blog is growing with me. As much as I enjoy Top 10 Lists and travel How To’s, an even richer experience lies in going deeper.

For The Wxnderers seeks to courageously explore people and place with purpose. This space will be a home for thoughts and discussions on

  • The World Around Us through thoughtful travelogues and travel content;
  • The World Between Us through discussions on topics crossing social, cultural, and global spheres;
  • The World Within Us through honest discussions on personal growth and truths on the journey through black womanhood.

Behind the Name

Wanderer + Wonderer = Wxnderer

Wonderers indulge in both the airy and the uncomfortable to try to make sense of this world’s individuals, collectives, and lessons. From here, they can create their own unique space within its complexities and also respect the coexisting mosaic realities around them.

  • As for the Wonderers, they think. They investigate. They challenge. They question. They search for truth… They are leaders, thinkers, innovators, and creators– the greatest of them.

Wanderers allow curiosity to lead them, in hopes of trading comfort for personal growth within them and righteous change around them.

  • Wanderers no doubt appreciate travel. But they also don’t view barriers as permanent setbacks or the status quo as something they must fulfill… They are dreamers, free spirits, and conquerors– the sincerest of them.

Wxnderers, simply, embody both of these elements. And if you resonate with any of this or even aspire to– welcome, this space is for you.


ftw stay curious