Saha to the World: An Entrepreneurial Exchange In Malta

Historically, Fort Saint Elmo in Valletta is known for protecting its grounds from the outside; but on two memorable nights, it housed a different kind of power by welcoming beloved differences. In a country whose only borders are a great sea, the feet of hundreds of curious minds journeyed to the coast of a historic city to eat, drink, and make merry in quite an eclectic scene. Malta’s Second Annual World Music Festival made space for artistic expression through music, food, and culture.

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On Migrant Women Association Malta…

Seeking to make my six months in Malta an experience of intrigue and intention, I searched for change-makers on this island. And I found them.

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Amidst the Isles: Hydra, Poros, Aegina

Imagine the sky a more faint reflection of the sea and feeling the breezes of an ancient empire warmly massaging your skin– you are probably somewhere within the Greek islands. With over 6,000 isles, Greece leaves you limitless with an opportunity for island explorations. As an expected surreal beauty is common among them, I can personally attest that these three islands depict memorable stories within their essences.

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Meeting the “Middle of the Sky”

Six hours from Athens, and still an ocean away from home, my train finally halted to the lovable town of Kalampaka. Awaiting me here was not an adventure that I was eagerly anticipating, but an experience that would center my spirit, connecting an earthly bond between reality and fantasy in the “Middle of the Sky.”

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